W.J. Emmons Annual Awards


The following is a history of the Walter J. Emmons Award for the best paper presented at the Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions.

List of Past Emmons Award Winners

Board Meeting December 1-2, 1943; Director-elect Zapata suggested that a prize be offered for the best paper presented at a Technical Session. He was authorized to see what he could do in obtaining support for such a project. Mr. Zapata carried out the project quite some distance and did secure promises of financial support. Pressing activities of the wartime period side-tracked it and it was not carried out.

Board Meeting February 13, 1949; Accepted $25 given by anonymous member to be awarded to author of the best paper presented at the 1949 meeting and to be known as Victor Nicholson Award. Money returned to donor in 1950 when recipient could not accept it due to company rules.

Board Meeting February 14, 1949 and Annual Meeting February 15, 1949; Board recommended submission to letter ballot the following action on Annual Awards: Letter ballot reported at Annual Meeting February 6, 1950, passed 141 to 7, "An Annual Award shall be given for the best paper presented at each Annual Meeting. The Award shall be made at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Association and shall be in such form as they choose to designate."

Board Meeting February 5, 1950; Resolution, "There shall be established the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists Award for the best paper presented at each Annual Meeting. The Award shall be made in the form of a suitably inscribed certificate. The Board shall act as the Committee vested with the duty of making the selection.

Resolution: Resolved that this Award shall not preclude the possibility that future awards may be made at the discretion of the Board, and that the Board may accept from donors such sums as they may offer to establish future awards in the field of the Association's activities.


Committee - Although originally the Board acted as the award committee, by subsequent Board policy an Awards Committee was established to consist of six members to serve for three years. Ideally the Committee is arranged so that each year there are two members serving their third year, two their second and two their first. One of the two members serving their third year is asked to act as Committee Chairman. The Board chooses two members to be asked to serve on the Committee and two alternates to be asked if necessary. Occasionally one of the existing Award Committee members is unable to continue serving (one reason being that member is an author/co-author of a paper being considered) and in that event one of the alternates is asked to serve. The Award Committee is chosen by the Board at the Fall Board Meeting and the Committee Chairman submits the report to the Board prior to the next Fall Board Meeting.