2016 Annual Meeting and Technical Sessions

March 13-16, 2016
The Westin Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Leading Edge Workshop, Debating Fatigue Cracking Performance Methods
Gaylon Baumgardner, presiding


Student Poster Session


Icebreaker Reception


Monday, March 14, 2016


Newer Members Breakfast


Business Meeting




First Technical Session, Aging Behavior of Asphalt Mixes
Brian Prowell, presiding

"Long-Term Aging of Asphalt Mixtures"  – Yin, Arambula, Epps Martin, Newcomb, Tran

“Selection of Optimal Asphalt Mixture Laboratory Long-Term Aging Procedure for Performance Testing and Prediction" – Elwardany, Yousefi Rad, Castorena, Kim

"Selection and Preliminary Evaluation of Laboratory Cracking Tests for Routine Asphalt Mix Designs" –  Zhou, Im, Hu, Newcomb, Scullion


Authors and Presenters Luncheon



Second Technical Session, Asphalt Mixture Performance Tests I
Ray Bonaquist, presiding

"Uniaxial Shear Tester – Test Method to Determine Shear Properties of Asphalt Mixtures" – Zak, Monismith, Coleri, Harvey

"Correlating Field Performance to Laboratory Dynamic Modulus from Indirect Tension and Torsion Bar" – Yang, Braham, Underwood, Hanz, Reinke


AAPT/ISAP International Forum, Bitumen: Current Situation and Future Challenges
Gabriele Tebaldi, presiding


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Past Presidents’ Breakfast


Third Technical Session, Performance of Recycled Asphalt
Matt Corrigan, presiding

"Laboratory Performance of Re-refined Engine Oil Bottoms (REOB) Modified Asphalt" – Bennert

"Performance Evaluation of REOB Modified Asphalt Binders and Mixtures" – Li, Gibson, Andriescu, Arnold

"Using Binder and Mixture Space Diagrams to Evaluate the Effect of REOB on Binders and Mixtures after Aging" – Mogawer, Austerman, Buttlar, Hill, Al-Qadi, Ozer

"Effect of New Rejuvenator on Performance Characteristics of High RAP Mixture" – Tran, Taylor, Turner, Holmes, Porot

"Asphalt Mixtures Containing RAS and/or RAP: Relationships amongst Binder Composition Analysis and Mixture Intermediate Temperature Cracking Performance” – Cooper, Jr., Mohammad, Negulescu, Balamurugan, Daly, Baumgardner


Fourth Technical Session, Asphalt Mixture Performance Tests II
Audrey Copeland, presiding
"Size Effect in Asphalt Mixture at Low Temperature: Type I and Type II" – Cannone Falchetto, Wistuba, Marasteanu

"Fundamental Evaluation of Moisture Damage in Warm-Mix Asphalts" [BY TITLE ONLY] – Garcia Cucalon


Symposium, Balanced Mix Design 
Audrey Copeland and Matt Corrigan, presiding


Social Hour


Annual Banquet


Post-Banquet Reception
Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Fifth Technical Session, Field Performance of RAP
Gaylon Baumgardner, presiding
"Investigation of Binder Aging and Mixture Performance of In-Service RAP Mixtures" – Diefenderfer, Bowers, Nair

"Use of Performance Based Testing for High RAP Mix Design and Production Monitoring" – Hanz, Dukatz, Reinke

"Forensic Laboratory Tests to Evaluate Long-Term Performance of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavements: Connecticut Case Study" – Yut

"Performance-Space Diagram for the Evaluation of High and Low Temperature Asphalt Mixture Performance" – Buttlar, Hill, Wang, Mogawer

"A novel back-calculation approach for determining the rheological properties of RAP binder" – Riccardi, Cannone Falchetto, Leandri, Losa, Wistuba

"Relaxation Spectra of Asphalt Binders and the Christensen-Anderson Rheological Model" [BY TITLE ONLY] – Christensen, Anderson, Rowe


Sixth Technical Session, Aging and Cracking Performance of Asphalt Mixtures
Randy West, presiding

"A Mixture-Based Black Space Parameter for Low Temperature Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt" – Mensching, Rowe, Daniel

"Effect of Asphalt Binder Grade and Type on Low Temperature Performance Determined Using Asphalt Concrete Cracking Device (ACCD)" – Kim, Akentuna, Nazzal, Abbas

"Evaluation of the DC(t) Test in Discerning the Variations in Cracking Properties of Asphalt Mixtures" – Blankenship, Zeinali

"Evaluation of Cracking Performance for Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixtures with High RAP Content" – Yan, Roque, Cocconcelli, Bekoe, Lopp

"Glass and Carbon Geogrid Reinforcement of Asphalt mixtures" – Zofka, Maliszewski, Maliszewska

"Development of Oxidation Kinetics Models for Rheological and Damage Properties based on 'In-service' Asphalt Binders" [BY TITLE ONLY] – Wen