Supplemental Electronic Journal – 74E, 2005

AAPT received a record 65 paper submissions in 2004, and many more excellent papers than could be published in the bound journal for that year (Volume 74). Consequently, the AAPT Board of Directors has selected an additional 11 papers for publication of the first AAPT Electronic Journal, Volume 74E.

The CD is available now to all AAPT members for $50, and to non-members for $150 – please contact the AAPT office or to purchase.

Note: This journal is available on CD format only and has its own ISSN number (1553-5576).

Volume 74E Titles and Authors

Trace Elements in Asphalt Cement (Bitumen) and Asphalt Cement (Bitumen) Leachate: Results and Comparison of Analytical Techniques - Anthony J. Kriech, Linda V. Osborn, Joseph T. Kurek, Andrea C. Moberly, Art Stockburger, and Larry Kovar

Evaluating the Predictive Equation in Determining Dynamic Moduli of Typical Asphalt Mixtures Used in Arkansas - Nam H. Tran and Kevin D. Hall

Comparison Between Interface Properties Measured Using The Leutner Test And The Torque Test - Young Choi, Andrew Collop, Gordon Airey and Richard Elliott

Fracture Energy: What Is It in a Visco-Elastic Visco-Plastic Material? - Jacob Uzan, Fujie Zhou and Robert L. Lytton

The M-E Design Guide: A Case Study on HMA Overlays over Fractured PCC Slabs - Ghassan R. Chehab, Khaled A. Gala

Evaluating the Superpave Gyratory Compactor Internal Angle of Gyration Using Simulated Loading - Kevin D. Hall

Evaluation of Mixtures Using Dynamic Modulus Tester: Results and Practical Considerations - A. Shah, R. McDaniel and V. Gallivan

Comparison of Measurements of Inhomogeneity of Simulated and Actual Asphalt Mixture Specimens - Haleh Azari and Richard H. McCuen

Micromechanical Fracture Modeling of Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete Based on a Disk-shaped Compact Tension Test - Hyunwook Kim, William G. Buttlar

A Comparative Study Of Factors Influencing The Permeability Of Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures - Louay N. Mohammad, Ananda Herath, Zhong Wu, Sam Cooper

Simplified Protocol for Triaxial Testing of Hot-Mix Asphalt Concrete -Salil Gokhale, David Anderson, Donald Christensen, and Ramon Bonaquist